The Opening of “Internet + Transportation” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest

In accordance with the national innovation-driven development strategy, “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, and other major deployments, Guangdong Provincial Ministry of Transportation held the China (Xiaoguwei) “Internet+ transport” innovation and entrepreneurship contest in conjunction with relevant organizations.

Starting in 2015, after two years of continuous promotion and deep implementation, the contest has become the first domestic and global vertical industry Internet application contest, and an important platform for the industry to conduct “Internet +” strategy. Two successive contests have incorporated more than 2,000 projects, and attracted more than 3,000 institutions directly, covering 35 domestic transportation universities and colleges, and more than 10 of the top 100 road transport enterprises in 25 provinces (cities, districts) and Singapore.

The 2017 China (Xiaoguwei) “Internet+ transport” innovation and entrepreneurship contest is held by Guangdong Provincial Ministry of Transportation in conjunction with Shenzhen Genvict Technology Co., Ltd., Unisplendour Co., Ltd., China TransInfo Technology Co., Ltd., and other institutions. It consists of three professional events, including innovation contest, venture contest, and innovator contest. The Genvict Cup·Innovation Contest, co-sponsored by Genvict, will provide the greatest support and follow-up for the successful “challenger” of innovative ideas, and gather the talents for the future transportation development.

With the concept of “innovation, interconnection, efficiency”, the contest will be based on the Internet, big data, and focus on cloud computing, IoT AI, VR/AR, new energy and other new technologies. This allows for the organization of research and sharing of intelligent transportation construction covering infrastructure, production, transportation services and decision-making supervision, etc., and allows the participants to simultaneously carry out a series of innovation and entrepreneurial activities to create a brighter future for intelligent transportation.

Founded in 2004, Genvict has performed research for years on ETC and smart parking. Luo Ruifa, the Company founder, believes that the current development in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and other new technologies and applications are booming. Mr. Luo predicts that the traffic industry is accelerating the development of “Internet + Transportation” in an all-round way, which provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Luo Ruifa said that with such a historical opportunity, the contest is committed to consolidating the innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration platform in national transport field, accelerating industrial revolution for the future of intelligent transportation, which is highly consistent with the development direction of Genvict.

Genvict thinks highly of the participating teams and the competition events of this year, and expects to carry out all-around research and communication on intelligent transportation technology with the contestants. The Company will take the competition as a medium to build the broad platform for Internet and transportation innovation, and to cultivate the future intelligent transportation.